Here Are The Top 10 Comments Of The Week!

See if you made the list!

Welcome to our top comments list! It may have been ranked in the past, but don't let the numbers trip you up. This is just a fun collection of our staff-picked favorite comments of the week. Congrats to everyone who made the list - let's jump in!


10. Obviously...

"You obviously suffer from reptiledisfunction." - Larissa Russo


9. Classy.

"Did you say "I poo?"" - ViviMage

"Or I doo doo?" - Glowworm56


8. * shakes fist *

"WASPs are such a pain in the ass, with their “my ancestors came over on the Mayflower — we’re the real Americans” bullshit." - RichardPencil


7. Where's Dora when you need her?

"It's a shame, sluttyfox, you forgot to say "Swiper, no swiping!" Now your own kin has stolen your shit. Better luck next time, OP." - Levi2411


6. We're waiting!

"You all need Jesus..." - Phillycheeze

"as soon as he gets some disco lights." - EmDizzle2007


5. Username checks out.

"Sounds like an invitation to me... " - Abbusser


4. That's un-beak-lievable.

"Watch out, you might catch chirpes. Its un-tweet-able." - whiskey'swino


3. OP is 95.

"Which “29th” birthday is this for you?" - RichardPencil

"How many 29th birthdays do you need to celebrate before one sip of rosé makes you start talking to your spleen? I'd say it was that many." - BurnInDemonFire


2. I do my little turn on the catwalk...

"I'm too sexy for my fur, too sexy for my fur, so sexy I purr!" - Glowworm56


1. Well alright then.

"God I hate those "buy one get one free" packages. What am I supposed to do with the other one!?" - gublaman

"Stick it in your vagina, apparently." - Dave_Davington



"Could they see Jesus in it?" - Itsbeenalong


That's all for this week, folks! Which one was your favorite?


Congrats again to all who made the list, and good luck to everyone for next week!

By Chairman Meow / Saturday 3 November 2018 13:57 / United States
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