Here Are The Top 10 Comments Of The Week!

See if you made the list!

10. Indeed.

"That snot cool." - littlekellilee


9. Um...

" do know you're not supposed to french the cat, right?" - tarabella


8. Bravo! Encore!

"I was tired of my lady.....
We’ve been together too long....
So I made a tinder Bio.....
With my favorite song.......

One day she came up to me...
Took out her phone and shook her head...
She didn’t even crack a smile....
And this is what she said....

Do you like Pina coolatas?
And getting caught in the rain?
Because now it’s ass your here....
That’s getting tossed in the streets...."
- John Nemeth


7. Here boy!

"Now you can name your puppy Slick" - John Croasdell


6. Only with chili fries.

"Who the hell likes people? What have they ever done for us?" - BurnInDemonFire

"The small ones are delicious" - PhoenixChick

"Only with chili fries. If you don't have chili fries, you can fuck off." - BurnInDemonFire


5. Nice.

"The Ninja Turtles would be proud." - Taurus_ChicKa


4. On the other hand...

"On the one hand, if she's a fan of swashbuckling adventure novels, that's a pretty awesome compliment. On the other hand... oh. Nevermind!" - Razell  


3. Skin Deep

"I guess he really got under her skin." - Dave_Davington


2. Hipster Hate

"Now you work at a water fountain. Hope you have a catchy name like “Hydration Station” to bring in gullible hipsters who will pay for free things." - RichardPencil

"We don't normally charge customers, but since you're 19, and dressed like my grandfather, it's $3.50. No, we don't accept Bitcoin, or PayPal." - BurnInDemonFire


1. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

"For those who'd like a lot less fur, try the Brazilian import version." - PhoenixChick



"You shouldn't have left halfway through the busiest shift to go on a date" - TheSminty1


That's all, folks!


Which one was your favorite? Did we miss any really great ones this week? It's hard to get them all in one little list. Keep up the good work!


By Chairman Meow / Saturday 20 October 2018 00:11 / United States
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