Here Are The 21 Funniest Tweets From This Week!

Waiting for the tweet list every week instead of getting out there and enjoying your Summer? Now that's an FML.

1. When your friends tell you to cheer up and take you to the beach

2. So many cool new features with the iPhone X

3. He was #1

4. Is this the plot of Toy Story 4?

5. Meanwhile, as the gender debate continues:

6. Could have sent the pizza this way but alright

7. Nah fam

8. Video of the week. Month, even.

9. I would go to this.

10. 100%


11. And then their rent was raised by 30%

12. RT if you can do this

13. No respect

14. Or planning their revolt

15....But in this particular case they were correct.

16. And that is the only reason why that movie is unrealistic.

17. Wincest.

18. The soft clapping really got me.

19. Me, 3 days into Summer

20. Hello 911 yes I'd like to report a break in

21. I have spoken.

By nadine / Friday 6 July 2018 12:15 / France
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Top comments
  julfunky  |  29

I’m not sure what happened; it was up earlier. It was just a screenshot of a clothing store website (Forever 21 maybe?) that was now selling scrubs.

By  Emily Vokes  |  3

#16 I would probably steal a nice mattress and bed frame, some nice furniture and rugs, nice cutlery and kitchen items, and a nice 2 or 3 bedroom one bathroom house