Here Are The 16 Funniest Tweets From This Week!

Happy Sunday! Or, as it's more informally known, pre-Monday. We all know what an FML the beginning of the school and work week can be. This is why we do what we do. We bring you tweets so you can laugh at other people's misery and start your week right. Yes, we do it for you. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the hilarity.


2. Only servers will understand.

3. They see me rollin'....

4. Marry him.

5. Much video, very games.

6. You never know what's gonna happen, gotta be prepared.

7. How long has this been going on?

8. This little kid is so committed to the joke aint nothin gonna stop him.

9. This girl has seen some shit.

10. Well at least you know that next time that he cheats, you know it won't be on her.

11. If you say this isn't you, you're lying tbh.

12. Well isn't this the truth.

13. I miss all the drunk girls from the bathroom I hope all their dreams came true.

14. Benedict Cumberbatch is too pure for this world.

15. The Most Relatable Tweet Of The Week™

16. Annnnnd here goes another 3 hours of my life

By Nadine / Friday 4 May 2018 16:10 / France
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