Here Are The 16 Best Tweets Of The Week

Here they are- the latest and greatest tweets of the week. Enjoy!

1. Or blowing on the cartridge?

2. Honestly, it's not necessary. We GET IT. 

3. Damn that really is the tea.

4. I was not prepared for this tweet.

5. For all you Incredibles Loving Asses

6. Smh.

7. Please watch this full video.


9. May your days be blessed with peace and happiness ok everyone protect Bindi

10. Poll: Is this video actually funny or is this women's laugh just really extra

11. lol fuck you

12. Okay dis cute.

13. Some people really out here living the dream.

14. I'm not sure who is more annoying in this text conversation

15. RT if this was your JAM back in the day

16. A follow up from last week's tweet list...

By Nadine / Friday 24 August 2018 12:35 /
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