Here Are The 10 Funniest Comments From This Week!

The awards we roll out every single week, just for you guys. We see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sometimes completely nonsensical. But if you give us a laugh, you'll make it here. Congrats! See below for the top 10 funniest from this week.

10. Time for dinner, kids!

“This is wonderful how closely you’ve gotten to know the whole family in just one visit. Imagine how close you’ll be after a few more visits!” -pjsr

“You were too late. They already ate” -sumocj  

9. Amen.

“If he want something nice for his girlfriend he should get her a new boyfriend.” -somedudesomewher

8. Phew, that could have been embarrassing.

“As long as you didn’t mention your shrine in your bed room the embarrassment will die down in a few years” -Zekfen

7. Alright, this one can go free, and that is IT.

“when reached for further comment politician said ‘Damn it leave me alone, can't you see I'm trying to eat my steak?’" -Davros

6, 5, 4. Three for one special on this FML.

“Coming soon to theatres near you” -delude  

“Mommy’s side piece.” - RichardPencil

“Or leave everything including the kids they’re already tainted” -cdaspirit

3. Artistic kids always seems so peaceful!

“That’s odd - I never pictured artistic kids as the type to get in fistfights. I hope no one was hurt, and good luck with your paintings and sculptures.” - pjsr

2. Imagery comment of the week.

“At that rate you could solve the world's energy crisis all on your own.” -CrazyTrainWreck  

1. Logic reply shutdown

“I know breast feeding is what breasts were designed for and that you can do whatever you like but if you normally wear a cover and you weren't in private maybe asking might be a good idea. Just to avoid situations like this.” -T1A2Z3  

“Fair point. So next time you feel hungry and want to go out for dinner, make sure to ask other people permission first in case they get offended. Also don't forget to put a blanket over your head so people don't have to see you chewing.” - fleur_de_fevrier


“Was the drawing made in crayon in the living room wall?”-Donut_Wizard

“It's because his tinder dates leave before they finish their appetizers.” -pugs  

By Nadine / Saturday 7 April 2018 16:42 /
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