Harry Potter Fans Are Outraged After An Expensive, Themed Bar Crawl Turns Out To Be A Bust

In what’s being called the “Fyre Festival of bar crawls,” thousands came out over the weekend for a Harry Potter themed event only to leave disappointed, with a chopstick dipped in wax, and worst of all - sober. Now they’re sharing their FML experience on Facebook.

Considering millenials’ love for themed bar crawls and sentimental attachment to Harry Potter, Great Crawl Events was anticipating success when organizing the January 20th bar crawl they dubbed Wizard & Wand. But some people are speculating that maybe they hadn’t anticipated quite how much success they’ve achieve.

The event, which took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, sold over 5,000 tickets for up to $40 each. On the event page that ticket paid for entry to the bar crawl, along with a bunch of “swag,” including a “cauldron crawler cup,” “butterbeer,” a “Hogwarts scarf,” and entry shot, and more, but what customers got was less than what they expected.

The first upset came before the event ever even began. The removed the free scarf from the ticket. Organizer Zack Medford told Buzzfeed News that “they weren't able to get them shipped from China” quick enough.

As if with a flick of a wand and the utter of “evanesco,” the scarf disappeared from the event description.

But Medford felt bad about the sudden lack of scarves, so he and his wife stayed up at night making “magic wands” to replace them. However, they didn’t quite share the same interpretation of magic wands as many of the crawlers, who called the complimentary wands “chopsticks dipped in wax.”

You can see where they’re coming from.

But that’s not all. Participants took to Facebook to express their disappointment with almost every aspect of the event.

You guys remember the Fyre Festival Fiasco of last spring? This person wasn’t the only one calling the event the poor muggle’s version of the Fyre Festival. In fact, of the 100+ reviews of the event on facebook, the even has a rating of 1.1 stars, and that’s only because you can’t give 0 stars.

And yet, in spite of the onslaught of horrible reviews, Medford says that Great Crawl Events is already planning for next year’s Harry Potter event. 

If you ask us, it sounds like he's in for an FML.

By Nina / Tuesday 23 January 2018 17:28 / France
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