Happy Pi Day

Today, we use math as an excuse for our gluttony. That’s right, folks. It’s March 14th. It’s Pi Day.

Let’s not sit here and list off Pi Day puns. We get it, it's been done. Listen, I love pie as much as the next guy. Brambleberry, specifically. But also pumpkin. Oh, and lemon merengue. Pretty much any fruit baked in a crust I like. So yeah, I’m going to eat pie today. Obviously. But none of this pun business.

Instead, let’s take a second to appreciate what pi is. What is pi? Honestly, I don’t know. Something to do with circles that I learned about in school and never thought of again. What I do know about pi, though, is that it’s long and confusing. So, in honor of Pi Day, here are some other things that are long and confusing:

1) The name of this lake.

2) Pendulum cat.

 3) This woman whose first name doesn't even fit on her ID. It's Janice, by the way.

 4) The line at the DMV.

5) Legal documents.

 6) The hair on these women.

7) Dog tongues.

8) These dancing mascots, which I hope you never have to endure.


Okay, that's enough. You may go enjoy your pie now. Happy feasting, friends!


By Nina / Tuesday 14 March 2017 11:07 /
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