Happy National Rosé Day! Before You Get Sloshed, How About Some Funny Tweets About Our Favorite Happy Drink?

They don't say rosé all day for nothing! Easy to drink, perfect for summer and a quick buzz, with minimal FMLs. (Well, it depends on how much you drink.)

It's the happiest day of the year-- the day you can drink copious amounts of rosé for no reason and no one can judge you.

Although technically, you can do this on any given day and claim you're living your best life, it's nice to have a day devoted just to this particular wine (because one general 'drink wine' day a year is simply not enough.)

So how are we celebrating? By doing what we do best: funny tweets, of course.


That's all for today folks. Now get out there and pop bottles.

By Nadine / Saturday 9 June 2018 17:10 /
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