Happy National Pink Day! Here Are 15 FMLs About The Color That People Love To Hate

By nadine / samedi 23 juin 2018 10:00
Pink has a pretty bad rep. It's associated a lot with women, because for some reason, it's been assigned to them at birth. Lately it's been adopted by millennials as its own shade called "Millennial Pink" because the rose gold shade can be found everywhere on millennials. Basically, pink is everywhere. Love it or hate it....either way, we've got 15 hilarious FMLs about the color for you.

1. Gross. 

2. Nana is feelin' herself.

3. Why are dildos always pink?

By Sara777boo / Saturday 16 August 2014 18:43 / United States - Sherwood

4. Clever.

5. Big win!

6. Then why did she hire a clown!?

7. Well, I'm set on food for the rest of the week.

8. Nobody has any idea what you're on about, dad.

9. Mean mom.

10. Was it a pink dildo?


12. Out of touch parents make for great FMLs.

13. Drop them off quickly and run... and never go back.

14. It's OK. Just call it the millennial pink fashion statement. 

15. Forget your friend. 

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