Happy National Beer Day! Here Are 15 Hilarious FMLs About Everyone's Favorite Alcoholic Beverage.

Before you pop open a cold one, check out these 15 beer related FMLs that will make you reconsider ever really drinking again.

1. A+ in beer 101.

2. Reeeeefreshing!

3. Someone trademark this ASAP.


4. 0.00% fair.

5. Ah, beach life.

6. Where would you be without supportive friends?

7. It could definitely be either one. 

8. The worst part is that there was no more beer.


9. Officer, I can explain.

10. Yeah it's time to find a new roomate.

11. Sounds like a day to remember for everyone.

12. This is a metephor.

13. Uhhhh and you didn't say anything to them?!


14. Seems legit.

15. Nice guys, great guys.

By Nadine / Saturday 7 April 2018 20:21 /
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