Happy Fathers Day! Here Are The 16 Best FMLs About Dear-Old-Dad.

Luckily, dads are REALLY good at messing their kids up, so there are FML-a-plenty for us to celebrate the holiday with.

1. Awkward.

2. Way to go, dad.

3. That fatherly TLC

4. L-l-l-l-l-awsuit

5. Gross and sexist combo!

6. Hope they at least send a post card!

7. Ok but was he pushing with you

8. He was there for you all along!

9. The cringiest of cringe

10. Maury! Maurrrryy!

11. Speaks volumes on what he thinks about his daughter

12. Bully dad

13. Imma need the keys

14. Pussy is a compliment, tell him thanks.

15. Go to the peasant's quaters and fetch me a bucket!

16. How... what... why

By Nadine / Friday 15 June 2018 15:48 / France
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