Halloween on FML - Play to win badges and pounds of candy!

To celebrate Halloween, we've concocted a biting game. Come one, come all... don't be scared!

We have a surprise: a game just for you that we've carefully crafted by hand... We promise we didn't rub it in our armpits.


In the spirit of Halloween, it's a biting game that revolves around vampires, zombies, and werewolves. The goal of each player will be to bite as many other players as they can to increase their personal bite score, and also to be part of the most powerful "family". In this game, one belongs to the vampire family, the zombie family, or the werewolf family. If you're not part of any, well, you didn't get bitten!


To play, you must have an FML account

The game will start on October 31st, the day of Halloween. Beforehand, we want to give the players the opportunity to choose their family. Not everyone, though... otherwise it would be too easy! We're giving you until midnight (such curious things happen at this hour) on Sunday to edit your profile picture Halloween-style and tell us about it in the comments under this article.

Remember above all to tell us which family you would like to belong to! Let go, surprise us, scare us... in short, go wild! We will then select the best photos by family. The nine lucky ones will be announced at the beginning of next week and will be - from the beginning of the game - the very first ones to be able to go bite the others!



The day of the launch will be a bloody day! To bite a player, one will have to go on their profile page, click on "bite" and then... be reactive! We won't tell you more to leave a little mystery. Every player can bite one person per minute. Yes, you have 60 whole seconds to catch your breath!


With each bite, the player transforms and joins the family of the one that bit him. Example: You were human, you were bitten by a vampire, you become a vampire and join this family. It's the same if you've been bitten by a werewolf or a zombie.


If you had a score of 50 bites as a zombie and you become vampire, your points are not lost. They are just frozen waiting for you become a zombie again (or not).


Important: Every time you get bitten, you will receive a notification that will inform you that you have 15 minutes, not one more, to go on your own profile and cancel the bite. After this time, if you haven't done anything, you will be transformed. Spooky, eh?


Every 10 bites, you will receive a magic potion giving you the power to transform whoever you want into a human, including yourself.



It's time to enlarge your collection! For the duration of the game, three new badges will be up for grabs:

- The "Nocternal Up" badge

- The "Chuck Norris kick" badge

- And the ultimate badge, the one that will be the most difficult to win... We have
named... The "Mike Tyson" badge!


The end of the game... and the gifts to win! (Saving the best for last!)


The game will last one month. A timer will tell you in real time how long you have left to play.


On the right column, you will also have a real-time ranking of the three families and, inside each, the ten members who have bit the most.


The most powerful family will be the leader at the end of the game. The top 3 of its members will then win a gift:

- 10 kg of candy for the number 1

- 5 kg of candy for numbers 2 and 3


For the family arriving second:

- 5 kg of candy for numbers 1 and 2


For the family arriving third:

- 3 kg of candies for the number 1


This game is for everyone, not just the Americans, so have fun everybody! The whole FML team wishes you a good laugh... May the most biting win!

By Cali / Friday 26 October 2018 18:15 /
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Top comments
By  abigiggles  |  38

I added this photo because even though I’m a zombie, doesn’t mean I can’t look good while being one (who am I kidding? I’m just a corporate zombie trying to be cool. Is it working?).

By  abigiggles  |  38

I added this photo because even though I’m a zombie, doesn’t mean I can’t look good while being one (who am I kidding? I’m just a corporate zombie trying to be cool. Is it working?).

By  whatshername?!  |  38

I would also like to particpiate, however I cannot make the game work on the app. Are there any recommendations on how to play using the app?
Also I wasn't bitten yet.. if somebody wants to take the chance... ;-)