Game of Thrones: a round-up of last night's funniest reactions!

The third episode of the seventh season was shown last night. FML for you if you didn't see it. Everyone seems to be losing their mind over it. And the show. We especially like the funny reactions on social media, especially when people live-tweet the episode. Here are our favorites!

As I said last week, I love funny tweets about things that are happening in TV-land, so here's a selection of the ones that MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, but can also make the rest of us giggle, even if you're not a fan of the show.

1 - This is a common reaction to most episodes:

2 - This Cersei person sounds like a real hardass :

3 - The swine!


5 - People around the world stay up late to catch the latest ep. How do they do it?

6 - Lessons to be learned:

7 - Sex on TV is always awkward (the aerial keeps poking me in the ass)

8 - Overdoing the emoticons always makes you look sane:

9 - A new Anna Wintour:

10 - That game, such memories *tear*

11 - We feel the exact opposite

12 - This came up often last night, isn't it true?

13 - Bran is on acid

14 - OK, let's do that scene one more time!

15 - Starbucks + GOT = tasty:

16 - Meandering a bit:

17 - Never read online comments. NEVER.

17 - "And I can tapdance too!"

18 - Famous last words:

There's your lot until next week.

The real FML is that we have to wait a whole week to see the next episode.  


By Alan / Monday 31 July 2017 09:48 /
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