For People Who Hate People, These Teacups Are The Classiest Way To Tell People To Fuck Off

There are some people that really can’t tell when they’re not welcome. Next time you host someone like this at your house, make sure they get the message with one of these delightfully offensive teacups.

You know those people that can’t real social cues for shit? They mean well, but they can be annoying af, especially after you’ve mentioned 5 time now that you just realized you left your stove on (or whatever excuse you make up) and they’re still there, babbling on about what’s-her-face that you couldn’t give two shits about.

It’s hard to know how to deal with people like this when by pretty much all accounts, it’s rude to tell them to STFU and be on their way. Melissa Johnson has the solution for you. With these insult teacups, you can let your ceramic ware say what you can’t.

More specifically:

Kindly fuck off.

I could poison you.

Not that pretty.

No one likes you.

Stop talking.

Such a nasty woman.

A pox on thee.

Insignificant other.

I hope you choke.

Miss Havisham’s Insult Teacups are the perfect holiday gift for that one special someone you hate. You can see more and purchase them in her store: Miss Havisham’s Curiosities.

By Nina / Wednesday 13 December 2017 17:31 / France
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