FML's Favorite Funny and Dumb One-Star Reviews!

People like to review things. Sometimes even when they haven't experienced them. Here's a selection of the best of the worst online reviews.


Internet review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor can be a good indicator of whether or not somewhere or something is worth venturing outside the house for. However, some people feel the need to review, critique and vent about absolutely everything. Google reviews, Amazon, you name it, they've all got their one-star reviews. The fun starts when the reviewer adds a comment, and even better, when the business responds and reveals the potential reason behind the bad review. Here's a selection of a few we found online (ie. stole).

1 - Make sure the light is green before proceeding!



2 - Witchdoctor Vetrinary Service



3 - Ozzy Osbourne's Restaurant?



4 - You're fired!



5 - Best joke from the 15th of April 2019



6 - Strip clubs should have standards too



7 - You should be open when I want!



8 - Yes, it's the waiter's fault, not bad parenting



9 - Cheap ass



10 - Check brain before purchasing



11 - Poe's Law



12 - Won't watch, but will review what I haven't seen



13 - Loitering with no intent



14 - Swimmer wear



15 - How dare people try to change things for the common good?



16 - Oh, the double standards!



17 - I don't need you, but I'll review you!



18 - I have to pay for things?



19 - CPS? Are you there?



20 - Sounds homely



21 - One star for not letting me pay what I want!



22 - Damn, not staying there any time soon!



23 - Firefox is a commie! It's a conspiracy!



24 - What were you expecting?



25 - Entitled parent strikes again!



26 - I want more shit for free!



27 - Kroger and butterfingers



28 - Found under a bookstore in Japan



29 - Let me date the staff, you bastards!



30 - Are you sure you're not lying, Terrance?



31 - Bad app, not planning ahead for its users!



32 - Reviews under "Sausage Party"…



33 - Science, bitch!



34 - National Dog Day


That's it for now!

FML hopes you enjoyed the mess these people left in their wake, and that it will make you think twice before leaving a shitty review. Put some thought into what you write on the Internet. Not that I did while creating this article, but I'm a lazy git.

See you all very soon, be excellent to each other.

By Alan / Monday 17 June 2019 16:17 /
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