FML's Comment Countdown: The 10 Most Hilarious Comments of The Week

You guys had some dirty minds this week! Almost all ten of today's comments have something to do with human genitalia and one is the greatest compilation of puns I have ever seen.

10. How many things have you marked as your territory, alvarny?

“you're just marking your territory, they'll understand.”


9. LaneBoy, it's about time we make Tara Reid relevant again.

“That blows more rod than Tara Reid on a Friday night for sure!”


8. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket, Glowworm56!

“'Anyway, how's your sex life?’”


7. That’s a direct hit, PennyLane27.

“And you can "accidentally" send her a picture of your divorce papers ;)”


6. Not a bad idea, RichardPencil.

“Make her train her replacement!”


5. Sometimes it’s the most clueless users that inspire great comments. Wouldn’t you say, Morten Bork?

“meh. what's the big deal”

- Marc Davis_1399688004

            “her sons penis apparently”

            -Morten Bork 

4. More about peens!! Well observed, Lobby_Bee.

“Ironic how his penis is the cleanest body part on him now.”


3. You tell him, Dave_Davington.

“You mean that pansy had to drill a hole in it first? Bah, a real man would fuck his way clean through the shell in less than three thrusts.”


2. This is some next level punnery, pjsr. Don’t even want to know how long this took you to come up with, but I would like to thank you for bestowing it upon us.

“Next time you need to Gett some sleep to give yourself a Lyft, you better hide your phone. I know you can get in trouble Via your sleep; Juno that? If you goCatch a Cabify, Uber won't have to pay in advance. Maybe you should GoCar or GO-JEK. If the driver is good, she won't Careem from curb to curb like she has Wingz. Fasten your seatbelt if you're going to GrabTaxi, it's EasyTaxi, easy I'm telling you.”


1. Some people are a little hard on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) RichardPencil, but how can you not love him when he brings us gems like these?

“So, you’re going to sacrifice ____ for the sake of your _____? Hint: it’s the same word.”


            “What is the word?”





“So insensitive! Aren't you aware how much frozen groceries cost nowadays??”


            “Or what dead animals smell like if allowed to thaw.”


By Nina / Friday 11 August 2017 12:15 /
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