FML's 15 Favorite Funny Fuck-Ups of the Week!

Whether it's people not understanding how the world works or just people fucking their shit up, check out idiots being hilarious idiots.

Long live the internet !

As you probably do, FML loves the internet. It contains places to hang out on like Reddit, Imgur and Twitter, where you can come across wonderfully strange clips, pictures and stories. Some stuff you'll see here might have been on the web for years, we can never know. So if you're considering commenting "OLD!" about something in this collection, remember, some people have lives. It's the internet. It's not like it's 1981 and we just found out John Lennon died.

1 - Never been this excited about getting gas!


2 - Don't call the elephant Dumbo!


3 - What ARE you DOING?


4 - Olympic games, here I come.


5 - Form the resistance!


6 - Hop on!


7 - NASA awaits.


8 - Freefall.


9 - RIP Deez Nuts.


10 - Rad! Skillz!


11 - Darted… Oh.


12 - Nah, no need for the delivery service, thanks.


13 - Wine 'O Clock!


14 - Surprise, muthafucka!


15 - Gap year student.

That's it for now!

We hope you enjoyed our selection, and that you didn't grumble that much over things you might've seen before. And anyway, stop saying "old", it's blah. We hadn't seen most of these clips, and we've been on the internet since your mum.

Bonus 4th of July track: this dude's neighbor poured hot charcoal into the trash:

See you next week! 

By Alan / Friday 5 July 2019 06:07 /
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