FML's 15 favorite and/or weirdest blunders of the week!

Whether it's people not understanding how the world works or just people fucking their shit up, this is the place to check out idiots being idiots. No boring fluff, just funny stuff!

Long live the internet !

As you probably do, FML loves the internet. It contains places to hang out on like Reddit and Imgur where you can come across wonderfully bizarre clips and pictures that give a good idea of the weirdness of the world. OK, some stuff has been hanging on the web for donkey's years, we can never know. So if you're considering commenting "OLD!" about something in this collection, remember, some people have lives. It's the internet. It's not like it's 1985 and we'd just discovered The A-Team (yes, you get the references you deserve). 

Enough twaddle. Let's get on with the show.

1 - "I only wanted some sugar, honey…"

2. Wait! What? My beer! FML!

3 - Left your keys inside your car again?

When you left the key inside your car

4 - Always take a stepladder. ALWAYS.

5 - Always keep an eye on your tire pressures…

6 - "Of course it'll be OK on the highway!"

7 - "I'm telling you, it'll totally be like in the movies!"

8 - Weird signpost in Florence, Italy. What does it mean?*

9 - Not everyone can pull off a Vegas-type entrance. Don't even try.

What an entrance

10 - "I'll pass on taking a shower in my hotel bathroom, thanks!"

11 - Splash !

12 - Hunger + favorite fast food joint =

When a Texan spots a Whataburger...

13 - What on earth is this… FML faucet ?!

14 - "You wanted pizza ? HERE'S YOUR PIZZA !"

15 - Go on Bernie, touch it!


That's it for this week!

On hope you enjoyed our selection, and that you didn't grumble that much over things you might've seen before. Then again, we hadn't seen most of them, and we've been on the internet since Windows 95 and dial-up modems. See you next week!

*Clet A (his Instagram) transforms road signs, and it's a reference to defenestration, which is linked to the House of Medici (hey, a history lesson on FML, sort of).

By Hawkeye / Friday 18 August 2017 04:11 /
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