FML High-Jinx: The Stoner Selection

WARNING: Consumption may cause FMLs to occur.

Aloha, my little babe-lings.

It is April 20th, the unofficial holiday of stoners everywhere, and while we at FML cannot condone illicit behavior, we do know that for many of you, this will be a legal celebration. If you fall into this boat, raise a glass. Happy 420 to you.

Naturally, today's FML selection is dedicated to this shit right here, aka the devil's lettuce, aka that good-good, aka broccoli, aka sticky icky, giggle nuggets, dope, tree, reefer, dro, ganja, bud, hemp, herb, bubonic chronic, wacky tabacky (à la my uncle); in layman's terms: 

For without it, we would have none of these FMLs to laugh at. And laughing is good! We like laughing. Ha! ha! See?

Okay, you may now proceed. 


I mean, it was Snoop Dogg, the Kush King himself, who said "drop it like it's hot."


So, remember kids:

But I mean, I'm just some words on your screen and I can't control what you do, so if you are celebrating today, please toke up responsibly.


One last thing: I'd like to send a special shout out to the folks at my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz, because I know this is a big day for you. If there are any Banana Slugs out there (yes, this is actually our mascot), holla atcha girl.

Rep it, Travolta.


By Nina / Tuesday 28 March 2017 11:08 / France
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