FML High-Jinx: The Stoner Selection

WARNING: Consumption may cause FMLs to occur.
By Nina / Tuesday 28 March 2017 11:08 / France

Aloha, my little babe-lings.

It is April 20th, the unofficial holiday of stoners everywhere, and while we at FML cannot condone illicit behavior, we do know that for many of you, this will be a legal celebration. If you fall into this boat, raise a glass. Happy 420 to you.

Naturally, today's FML selection is dedicated to this shit right here, aka the devil's lettuce, aka that good-good, aka broccoli, aka sticky icky, giggle nuggets, dope, tree, reefer, dro, ganja, bud, hemp, herb, bubonic chronic, wacky tabacky (à la my uncle); in layman's terms: 

For without it, we would have none of these FMLs to laugh at. And laughing is good! We like laughing. Ha! ha! See?

Okay, you may now proceed. 

By Anonymous / Thursday 4 February 2016 22:55 / United States - San Francisco

Today, my mom accused me of smoking weed. Truth is, I'd just ripped the quietest and weirdest smelling fart of my life. She wouldn't believe me, accused me of making stupid excuses up, and grounded me. FML

By valarmorgoolies - / Friday 6 February 2015 18:51 / United States - Binghamton
By idiot says "you raised him" - / Saturday 31 May 2014 21:30 / Canada - Barrie
By zachhewett / Tuesday 2 February 2016 22:53 / United States - Birmingham

Today, I finally decided to introduce my boyfriend to my parents. Surprisingly, he and my father already knew each other, so I asked him how they met. Now I know where my boyfriend gets all his weed. FML

By UnknownOperation - / Tuesday 4 September 2012 13:51 / United States - Washington
FML - The follow-up
By bluerhhajfk / Monday 19 August 2013 23:29 / United States - Providence

I mean, it was Snoop Dogg, the Kush King himself, who said "drop it like it's hot."


So, remember kids:

But I mean, I'm just some words on your screen and I can't control what you do, so if you are celebrating today, please toke up responsibly.


One last thing: I'd like to send a special shout out to the folks at my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz, because I know this is a big day for you. If there are any Banana Slugs out there (yes, this is actually our mascot), holla atcha girl.

Rep it, Travolta.

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