FEMA's Presidential Alert Test Has Twitter On Fire

The inescapable phone blast has inspired a lot of funny tweets.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, more commonly known as FEMA, sent out a mass notification yesterday at 2:18pm EST to test the nationwide wireless emergency alert system. According to FEMA, "The Communications Act of 1934 established the authority for the President to use certain private sector communications systems for priority communications, such as sending alert and warning messages to the public, during national emergencies."



These alerts, actually set up by the Obama administration, are the real deal. You may have received similar emergency alerts or Amber alerts in the past, but those are regional can easily be disabled in your phone's settings. These new presidential alerts are mandatory and seem to have hit almost everyone in the country.


So... anything we should know, guys? Why is it being tested now? Has the risk of a nationwide emergency suddenly gone up for some reason? Maintaining systems like this is obviously important, but in America's current political climate it's enough to make anyone a little nervous.


Laughter is the best medicine though, right? Here's a handful of funny tweets about the alert!

(Disclaimer: A lot of these jokes are just taking the piss. The president has no actual control over the alert system.)











So did the alert actually hit every single cellphone in the United States of America yesterday? What about no child left behind? If you're in the USA, help us out and let us know in the comments whether or not you received it!

By Gloria Borger / Thursday 4 October 2018 15:38 /
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  biggie.dd  |  6

Will you also be this thankful when an actual problem arises that requires everyone's attention, and you and your family are home, snug, not receiving these notifications?

By  Tony Friddle  |  11


  manofmerr  |  27

Ah, a foreigner. Let me explain. Have you ever seen a cartoon with a comical villain? perhaps one with a very grandiose way of speaking, perhaps not to bright, and just wants what he wants with no real concern for others nor the ability to understand why others might not like it?

Well, thats our president. And if given control over the presidential alert system, he may well abuse it in the same way as he does twitter. i'll leave you to look at our presidents twitter account.

On a unrelated note, where do you live and how is the housing market there?