Facebook and Instagram Went Down Yesterday So People Turned To Twitter to Freak Out And The Tweets Are Hilarious

Yesterday, Facebook and Instagram were temporarily down at the same time, rendering social media addicts in despair. Thankfully, Twitter was there to cash in on their social media siblings’ disappearance with the entertaining hashtag #facebookdown.

Social media is so vital to our daily lives these days that when servers crash and we are disconnected from our social networks, it feels like the end of the world. You get that sinking feeling, as if you’ve just lost all of your “friends” forever. You begin to wonder what happens now that your network is gone.

So when both Facebook and Instagram crashed at the same time yesterday, people started panicking, wondering things like: Where will I get my news? What picture-perfect meal is Becky eating today? What precious thing is Mark’s new kitten doing right now? Is Mark’s kitten even cute even no one comments to tell him how cute it is?

It’s one of those events that triggers flashbulb memory. I was sitting at my desk, chewing a vitamin c tablet (it’s cold season, yo) when Facebook went down, where were you? If you’re a social media monarch, there’s a good chance you were on Twitter, expressing your distress with the hashtag #facebookdown.

Here are some of our favorite tweets about the social media blackout:

By Nina / Thursday 12 October 2017 11:20 / France
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  Cali  |  54

It was definitely down! I tried to reload it every couple of minutes and it was just a blank white screen.