Ex-Starbucks Employee Shares The Worst Drinks He Ever Made And Just The Sight of Them Will Give You Diabetes

These levels of sweeteners should be illegal. Coffee lovers, I’d look away if I were you.

If you’ve ever worked in customer service, you know that it can be great, but you’re inevitably going to have some gripes with the job. Gripe #1? The customers themselves.

Terence Wiggins is the co-host of a podcast called Whatever We Call It, is the creator of the web zine We <3 Video Games, and the blogger behind The Black Nerd and it’s sister blog The Black Nerd’s Baked Goods. Up until last week, he was also a barista at Starbucks.

As a barista, he’s in on one of the secrets of life: the customer is not always right...but you listen to them anyway. So to celebrate his last day at Starbucks, he shared a few of the absolute worst drinks he ever had to made and they’re so disgusting, they’ll make you sick.


Levels of sugar this high, and, god help us, pumpkin spice are horrifying. Brace yourself. There’s a good chance you’ll get diabetes just looking at these. 

1. Is there even any room for coffee after 20 pumps of sweetener?!

2. This blended ice cream sundae is the stuff of mentrual dreams.

3. I think what you were looking for was Baskin Robbins, not Starbucks because this is not coffee...

4. ...and then the customer promptly had a heart attack. 

5. Warning: NSFL

6. I like how vague "almond drink" is.

7. That nonfat milk and splenda are a nice band-aid on your diabetes.

8. All this in a tall (aka small) cup.

9. yes, I'll have a glass of syrup with two pumps tea, please. Thaaanks

10. Trying to fit an entire week's worth of mocha frappachinos into one cup.


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