Everyone has a dream wedding, they got theirs - getting married at Costco!

Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob, an Australian couple who are so into bulk-buying, they got married in the place the bride calls, "A place that I love." Costco. And why the hell not?

At least it makes a change from boring weddings by the beach!

Costo, if you didn't already know, is a supermarket chain that works via a membership and bulk-buying of all sorts of stuff to save big bucks, and is implanted in several countries after starting in the US in 1976. "The initial idea of the wedding was meant as a bit of joke,"says Berkeley, who lives in a Sydney suburb."I've got a big family and so does he, and I wondered how we were going to do it. Then I thought I should get married at Costco because I'm there all the time — so it just made sense."





"She loves this place so much, and she's here all the time." 

According to Josh, Berkeley's son, who also walked his mom down the aisle, "It's like her second home." The Australian TV channel 9 News reports that the wedding was attended by 90 guests and "200 confused shoppers." Yep, the wedding took place during the shop's opening hours. It probably costs a fortune to close it down just for a wedding, which is what Madonna would've done. Probably. If she ever got married in a Costco.

Were any savings made?

It was at Costco, so of course savings were made if you compare the overall cost to what goes into a traditional wedding! The tables were decorated in rose petals and the guests were served pizza, hot dogs bulgogi rolls and a soda fountain. The whole thing worked out at $6 per guest, which is a lot less than the $68 average in the US! 

Check out 9 News's report below:

By Edward Leclerck / Wednesday 27 September 2017 08:03 / France
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By  ahill0520  |  5

Nah....Sam's Club! ??

By  ahill0520  |  5

Nah....Sam's Club! ??