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10. Finally, some insight. 

“I guess that's really how Paper is supposed to beat Rock.” -d3rpb0t  

9. Actually the perfect response.

“How is she going to call the cops when you broke her phone?” -Callyn  

8. We can all agree that this was a grade A FML.

“He wasn't loving it.”- Earl_KarmasBitch

7. *round of applause*

Oh hey that’s neat- every sentence in this FML is just a different way of saying 'I’m 13.'” -Symphoniaes  

6. That was one pleasured pussy. 

“I guess your cat misinterpreted the definition of a vibrator being a great toy to entertain your pussy with.” - Glowworm56  

5. So subtle, so good.

“Sounds like a red flag.” -PenguinPal3017  

4. Alright, Richard Pencil, it's your time to shine...

“When you can’t find Mr. Right, you might settle for Mr. Reich.” - RichardPencil

3. ...And shine...

“I’ve got to wonder what position she was interviewing for.
What it one of them on the tattoos?” -RichardPencil

2. ...And shine, damn it.

I hope they weren’t on Spirit Airlines — they’d have been hit up for the $19 Sex Show Fee.” -RichardPencil

1. And coming in at #1 because I mean, read it.

“Apparently she only knows 1 modeling pose and it's called Wrong Hole” -Davros  


“You wouldn't happen to be a momma monkey who was trying to eat, would you? Amazing that you learned to type too.” -ahabsfan

“Is this the Kmart panties lady again? She needs to get her shit together!” - Zekfen

By nadine / Friday 29 June 2018 16:10 /
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  Glowworm56  |  25

The best thing to do is just write what's on your mind at the time, don't overthink it or try too hard. A lot of times, I'm surprised at which of my comments made it for the week, other times, I've known for certain something would get through.