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By  008GGG  |  14

I guess I don’t understand his reaction.

Unless it was a 6 speed 4500 RPM 14” King Kong dong. Then I wouldn’t be able to look at my sister the same, either.

  Sinshine  |  27

A guy called Maria :P. But really, those gender icons so often show male when OP is a female or female when they're a male. Better not to go by that.

By  mssileas  |  25

Did I miss where it was a thing that siblings get a say in my sex life? Sorry he fooled himself into thinking that women don't like having orgasms lmao

By  weeping_willow  |  25

Why was he going through your stuff in the first place? Sounds to me like he deserved it.
Don’t feel bad, OP. Most women masturbate. And those who say they never have, are liars.