Darts : A player accused of farting to distract his opponent

This guy may have invented the perfect cheat, invisible and untraceable.

Miniature engines hidden in bikes, player poisonings or deflated US footballs, there are many unlikely scandals in the history of world sport. But nothing to do with Wolverhampton's 2018 Grand Slam, a first-rate dart tournament. And for good reason, one of the competitors accuses his opponent of having farted to distract him.

Surrealist as it is, this accusation is causing a scandal in Britain where darts are a popular sport very followed on television. Worse, the controversy is about an important match at the end of which the defendant, the Scottish champion Gary Anderson, won his ticket for the quarter-finals of the competition. Big stake…

However, this story remains still openly dark: Wesley Harms, the Dutchman, first accused his opponent, who then did the same. After having sworn on his children’s life that he was innocent of the stench that he says he himself felt, he recalled that the more the smell was "unbreathable" the more his opponent was playing well. And that the latter could thus be at the origin. What to sow a little more doubt.

If it decides to open an investigation, the World Darts Federation (WDF) - because yes, such a thing exists - will have to answer two questions that no one had asked before. The first is technical: a smell of fart, as horrible as it may, it can prevent to launch correctly ? The second contains the outcome of this affair : can we ascertain with certainty the origin of flatulence ?

And you, an opinion on the subject to help the WDF ? A similar experience to share? We're listening to you !

By FML team / Monday 19 November 2018 15:20 / France
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By  Kitkat2723  |  32

Even if the guy did fart on purpose, he also would’ve smelled the fart. Which means he would’ve been trying to mess himself up as well. So, logically, he tried to hold it in as long as he could but couldn’t keep it in and farted accidentally, not knowing how it would smell. It was just an unfortunate circumstance that the opponent was so taken aback at the smell that he did terribly.