Community Blog: Tab Changes

Hello FMLers! Did you notice a change at the top of the page? The Blog tab was moved! And there's a new tab! The sky is falling!

Not quite, but we did reorganize a bit.

The Blog tab is now reserved for posts exactly like this one. From now on we'll use it solely to communicate directly with you, the community. It'll basically be what it should've been in the first place - the FML team's community blog. It will be the bridge that unites us all. Or something.

And the new tab?

Everything else (weekly quizzes, the FML select, top comments, etc.) goes under the new tab, FML News. Fleox created it so that we'd have a place to put more "public" articles. We (Nina, Alan, and I) wanted to write more silly articles anyway and now we have a place to put them! If it's successful we may even run it like a proper news page. Might as well get the latest headlines from us funny folk, right?

No promises, of course, but we'll see what we see.

That's all for now. As you were, comrades!

-Cali ☺︎

EDIT: Apparently this isn't yet visible in the app. If you want to check out the new tab just open the site in a normal browser!

By Cali / Thursday 6 July 2017 17:36 /
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By  Pletchersgirl  |  15

I can't find the News tab!