Come One, Come All to the Comment Corral

By Nina / vendredi 26 mai 2017 07:00
The greatest comments from the greatest minds on the greatest site on the interwebz.

Gather round ye lads and lasses.

I've got a fresh batch of scrumdiddlyumptious word treats for you, featuring a handful of first-timers. Come on and show these guys some FML love!


10. Easy shot, Glowworm56. I still commend you. 

“That phone reception there must be ferry good.”


9. Feeling the Jaden Smith vibes from xemnas1997.



Today, I was out for a walk with my family when we saw a sign that read "you are here." That's when my son asked, "how do they know where we are?" My son is 14 years old. FML

By Anonymous - / Friday 19 May 2017 21:00 / France

“The real question is how do we know where we are?”


8. Ba dum tss. Splendid work, ShortieRose.



Today, I was extremely stressed because I lost my ATM card, so I reconstructed my day, eventually finding it in the freezer. FML

By Anonymous - / Saturday 20 May 2017 21:00 / France - Paris

“Talk about freezing your assets!”


7. I think we're all with you on that one, Imnotcleverenoughforthis.


“I commend your chill. I would have just been like 'screw it imma just die'”


6. Is that what you want, OP?! TheGreatPotato needs to know.


“This is how you get ants.”



5. I like your snark, Lalala579121.


“Yep, 3 for $1. And the next 6 for $4.78.”


4. Jessicasoho does not approve of grandma's tomfoolery, OP.


“Little late in the game to be learning lessons, grandma.”


3. I know all too well, cakefete2. Preach.



Today, I had my first encounter with a guy I met online. When we parted, I was hoping for a kiss but instead he says to me, "I've met stupid in my life, but never like you." FML

By Anonymous - / Monday 22 May 2017 21:00 / Italy

“Google translate makes people say the darnedest things.”



2. Let me grab you some ice, because you just got burned by RichardPencil.


“You probably need to order from a better mail-order groom company next time.”



1. We've all been there, CrazyTrainWreck. Ramble on.


“Maybe you are so hot they die just from seeing your photo and literally become ghosts and I'm rambling and have no idea what I'm saying.”



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