Close Encounters of the FML Kind.

Alienz, man. They've come for us.

Greetings Earthlings.

It's time we talk about our friends, the aliens. Perhaps you don't believe in them, but I'm here to tell you they exist. They are in your dreams, they’re in the shadows, they walk among us. They try really hard to blend in, but they're always a little bit off. You know, like this guy:


And this child who clearly didn't read the instructions on the ice cream bar wrapper?


Yep, he's an alien. What about this lady using a neti pot?

You guessed it, alien. Oh, and these guys?

Alien puppers. 

They've done a great job assimilating into our human culture. In fact, your aunt is one, probably. Some toll booth workers are them. Ever seen a cat? Good chance it's an alien. All the famous people that died last year? Cause of death: subversive alien genocide. Point is, the aliens are here and probably were before we were. Who’s we? Are you beginning to question whether or not we are all humans here? Because I sure am. Maybe we’re all aliens. Spooky, eh? 

In this week’s FML selection, we venture into the extraterrestrial and challenge the non-believers.


To wrap up this selection, let's take a look at some more humanoid ETs, like the one true god:

Or Alaska Barbie.

Their alien spawn?

And of course, these ATLiens.

Well, you get the picture.


Live long and prosper, homeskillets.


By Nina / Thursday 18 May 2017 11:35 /
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