Clash of the Comments

By Nina / vendredi 5 mai 2017 07:00
It's time to quit your lurking. Step out of the shadows and into the comments section for your chance to be highlighted in the weekly comment countdown!


10. Cruising into the number 10 slot is ifuckedthefeartu. I see you fam. 

"Uh oh op, you married an 8th grader"


9. Don't know why I love this imagery so much, but thank you for this, species4872. And damn it, make your account public so we can hug you already!


"So it'll be you and a bunch of skeletons."


8. The one with Ross's wedding is a classic, PennyLane27. Nice work. 



Today, I sent a message to my boyfriend saying that I missed him and love him very much. When I received a response, saying that he loved me and missed me too, I noticed that I had accidentally texted my ex. FML

By Liz - / Sunday 30 April 2017 21:00 / Colombia - Bucaramanga

"I, Ross, take thee, Rachel…"


7. Another classic reference from Druu. Would this list even be complete if you didn't pop up on it?


"it rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again"


6. You are diabolical, Trix105, and you even managed to get a pun in there too. I'm impressed. 


"Lace their drinks with powerful laxatives. Perfect revenge. Then just cut of ties since they seem like... shitty friends."


5. This was almost too much pun, but no. Just enough. Thanks, CrazyTrainWreck.


"Well was it at least a CULTurally relevant cult?"


4. Better safe than sorry, huh, RichardPencil?


"That "sucks." You should "report" your "teacher" for "being a bitch." "Hopefully," you'll get a chance to get "revenge" with "course evaluations" ".""


3. Some people are just so ignorant, don't you think, Coolmike699? Thank you for clearing that up.


"Everyone knows you don't use a knife to make blood bottles, you use a dirty syringe. Knives are for blood buckets, or maybe blood jars, but that's it."


2. Spelling is hard. Don't worry, redpillsucks. I understand.

Also, for some reason this particular post won't upload to the page, so for your reference, here is Amk's original FML:

"Today, I was so nervous about a medical exam I was about to take, that I misspelled my own first name. It only has three letters. FML"


"damn it bob, you spelled your name backwards again"


1. This comment made me cry. I had to give you the number one spot, Lobby_bee.


By Anonymous - / Thursday 4 May 2017 21:00 / Italy

"There was this one time I dropped the last slice of pizza and did the same thing."



Nice work this week, y'all! You best come with your A-game next week.

Until then,



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By  Randomness911  |  12

This comment article is the sole reason i got off my lazy duff and finally made an account. Thank you Nina!

By  Randomness911  |  12

This comment article is the sole reason i got off my lazy duff and finally made an account. Thank you Nina!

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