Cheesecake bonanza! 10 FMLs that break out the baking (non) skills!

Today, it's Cheesecake Day, so we're going to be checking out some of our most mouth-watering FMLs involving cakes, bakes and kitchen shakes.

If music is the food for love, is cheesecake the music of food?

What a strange question. What we do know is that cheesecake is wonderful, but then again, so are most cakes and desserts. Especially rhubarb crumble. But it's not Rhubarb Crumble Day, so let's concentrate on what's happened on FML over the years. Was cheesecake invented in the USA?

Ask for something pathetic, get a pathetic (but just as mouth-watering) sort of reply.

Dude, don't ask for nudes!

It also seems that cheesecake and sexist clichés go hand in hand (and The Notebook is a TERRIBLE movie).

Baking isn't a choice, you're born a baker

Even though, sometimes, you should just stop trying.

You don't need a reason to bake, but it can be therapeutic. But thanks grandma for the uplifting speech!

Hey kids, how about you try baking? It can help you learn to… wait a minute! What's cooking in here??

Some people bake for themselves, some people bake for others. But when you're taken for granted, you feel like telling them all to bake off and die.

If you spot a cake, cheese or otherwise, just don't be greedy and ask first.

This is along the same lines, but proves that cake is stronger than anything in the known universe.


And finally: do you really think that people don't know their cakes and that you can pull a fast one with ham? 

To summarize: send us cheesecake. Tons of the stuff. 



By Alan / Thursday 27 July 2017 16:11 /
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