Canada Running Low On Cannabis

The shortages may persist for years!

The first month of legalized recreational marijuana in Canada has been eye-opening. The main takeaway? People love the stuff. One by one, several strains and entire stores have gone out of stock, and the shortages may not be ending anytime soon.


Supply and demand are the basics of business, but it's difficult to get an entire industry off the ground all at once, especially in a manor that's safe for consumers. The Canadian government has started the national pot party with a host of strict regulations and rules designed to promote safety and accountability. Unfortunately for the consumer, this translates into difficulties for growers and sellers alike, resulting in "sold out" signs across the country in provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.


Still, the health minister says that the high demand for cannabis is being "handled well" regardless of the shortages. She's just hired more staff to go through applications and permits, which will hopefully speed up the process of getting more cannabis businesses off the ground.


Tammy Jarbeau, a spokesperson for Health Canada, told The Canadian Press, "As with any new industry where there is considerable consumer demand, we expect there may be periods where inventories of some products run low or, in some cases, run out. Health Canada remains confident that there is sufficient supply of cannabis overall to meet market demand now and into the future."


Some expect intermittent shortages to linger on through 2019 and 2020, but our vision's not that good. Only time will tell!

By Gloria Borger / Thursday 15 November 2018 10:25 / United States
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