Bridezilla Sends Out Itemized Bill After Bachelorette Party

The petty tab broke it down to pennies!

We get it, weddings are expensive, and there are a lot of costs that people don't expect to add up as high as they do.


Still, sending out a bill after your at-home bachelorette party tips the bridezilla scale a bit. It might have been different if this had been previously discussed, and especially if it hadn't been advertised as BYOB, but it hadn't and it had, and now the bridesmaids are stuck with the (highly specific) bill.


The bill in question was shared in a reddit post on r/bridezillas and picked up by a few news outlets already for its absurdity. We'll let you judge for yourself now:




Maybe the bride planned poorly and realized after the fact that the costs of the party were out of her budget, or maybe she'd expected her friends to offer to pay and they didn't, but this wasn't a $5,000 Vegas bill. It would've been a lot simpler and a lot less tacky to just ask each girl to chip in a $20 and be done with it.


In the original reddit post, the poster followed up with more info in several comments. She added that "it was byob so u brought my own but we also ended up having to pay for the alcohol she bought" and went on to say that the "party wasn’t even fun bc she was trying so hard to make it a picture perfect party and it seemed unnatural and more like a business transaction".


If you've been to a party like this, you can better understand the disappointment. It's not worth "doing it for the 'gram" when no one's having any fun at all!


Especially if you're billed $0.24 the next day for the soda you sipped.

By Gloria Borger / Friday 19 October 2018 15:35 /
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  stormy0307  |  16

I threw my own bachelor party. I had to to get what I would actually enjoy. Of my two best friends who would have planned it, one enjoys bar crawls (I don’t) and the other likes parties at home where everyone gets blackout drunk (I don’t enjoy that either). Instead I organized a camping trip.

By  BlueSteele220  |  31

if your friends aren't throwing your party for you, then they really aren't your friends. probably because you are nickel and diming them. I'd rethink the whole wedding..

  stormy0307  |  16

Or your friends would throw a party that they and not you would enjoy. Had my best man planned my bachelor party it would have been at someone’s house or a karaoke bar and the objective would be to get blackout drunk I enjoy neither of those thugs. I on the other hand planned a camping trip for my bachelor party which I had a ton of fun on.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

Clearly, there's an untapped market here.