Bravo Les Bleus! We're Celebrating With The Funniest Tweets About France Winning The World Cup!

Though it's a pretty big FML for the Croatian team and Croatia fans, these 11 tweets about the French victory are universally funny.

1. Go on, get.

2. Glow up.

3. The post-cup blues

4. The president of France just dabbed, fam.

5. What is life now.

6. Where do the bandwaggoners go the rest of the year?

7. Dad joke's rule.

8. Yeesh.

9. Sorry, what was that?

10. More dabbing for your viewing pleasure.

11. Annnnnd a little bit more Macron showing his crazy sports fan side.

By Nadine / Monday 16 July 2018 14:54 /
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