By Youngpielover - 9/1/2020 05:00

Both parents

Today, I was having a sleepover with some friends. After they all fell asleep, I planned on doing a few pranks. So when I went to the bathroom to get a bowl of water, I found out that my parents were masturbating in the bath tub. FML...
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Well that's definitely worse than having to clean up after your friend/s had pissed themselves in your room. I mean it's close, and the more you were planning on doing it to, the closer it gets, but walking in on your parents getting any level of frisky is one horror no one should have to see. Really curious to know why they didn't lock the door. Any one of you could have gotten up during the night to use the bathroom, and one of you did! And you're their baby! Which is uber nasty!


Or how about why where they doing it in the bathtub instead of their room. Depending on the size of the people wouldn’t that be uncomfortable. At least with a bed they have the space to do it comfortably.


Okay, Captain Prude. Let's break down your comment, analyze it, and highlight why you're an idiot. Ready?

1) Why can't two people masturbate in a bathtub if they so choose? If they own it, and aren't doing the redneck thing of sitting in it on their lawn, then they can use it however they want.

2) "Depending on the size..." If it was a small tub, I doubt they'd fit. Unless they were standing in it. My guess is OP's parents either intentionally got a big tub so they could have some tub-based "hanky-panky", or they moved into a house that already had a large tub, and they're taking advantage.

3) Haven't you ever been so horny that you and your partner have relieved the tension anywhere besides a bed? If not, I'm gonna freak you out when I tell you that some people fuck in the kitchen. That's where meals are prepared! How could they be so disgusting? In all seriousness, a bath is probably a better option. That way, all the mess will go down the drain, instead of crusting up the bed sheets, which is an extra bonus if the sheets were clean on that day. Oh, and sometimes, being horny beats being comfortable, so you deal with the immediate and easiest problem first, which is to jack it.

I hope you've learned something from this. Today's comment was brought to you by the letters S, E, and X, and the numbers 6 and 9.