Bored, she paints her face with gouache for a laugh, but then it won't come off: panic ensues!

What do you get up to when you're bored out of your mind? You probably get up to no good; that's what we do. And good luck trying to get back on the straight and narrow. Leah, who had nothing better to do at the time, tried to kill time by applying pink gouache paint on her face, just for shits and giggles. Spoiler alert: it wasn't a good idea.

Leah was very bored last weekend. After finding a tube of Palmer Paint Products paint in amongst her stuff, totally by chance, the young lady took her time to wonder on Snapchat whether or not to cover her face with the product or not.

The question had to be asked, because we would've all been in the same quandary.

On impulse, she went for it, made the decision that had to be made and applied the paint on her face as if it was a cleansing mask. After all, the product packaging claims that it can easily be removed from the skin. As soon as she'd finished her daunting task, our protagonist shared the (magnificent) result on Twitter, proud of her work.

The fun moment had to end there because when our winner of the day tried to remove the paint from her face, the nightmare began. The colour was stuck to her face, and Leah had no alternative than to keep her rosy tint ad vitam aeternam. Which means forever.

Furious, Leah took to Twitter to address the paint company: 

Instead of receiving messages of support from fellow internet users, Leah got… well, she got quite a few sarcastic remarks. Here's a few:

Comparaisons to the Pink Panther were bound to appear:

Others were wondering WHY did she do it?

Even 9-year-old girls understand what the instructions on the paint actually meant:

Moral of the story: don't just read the lines on gouache paint, read BETWEEN the lines before putting it on your face. If a 9-year-old can work it out, so should you. Don't turn yourself into a Tellytubbie for all eternity.

By Foxtrot / Tuesday 19 September 2017 14:56 / France
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