Balenciaga Crocs and Other Weird Trends That Will Make You Wonder Whether Fashion Authorities Are Just Trolling Us

Yep, the foamy garden shoe with holes in them. The shoes that have been epitome of lame since their inception. Are designers just running out of ideas and going mad, or is this all a cruel joke to see just how much we’ll embarrass ourselves to be “trendy”? Twitter weighs in.

Fashion month is winding down to a close in Paris today, but earlier this week Balenciaga made a splash on the internet by sending their models down the runway in crocs, which are unanimously agreed to be the dorkiest shoes ever.

Here they are on the runway on October 1st:


High fashion has always been *cough* a little *cough* out there, but there are some trends, like these crocs, that make you wonder whether or not it’s all just a big joke. Either way, one thing’s for sure: for fashionistas and -istos who have drunk the Kool-aid and are devoted to the ideology, these weird shoes are an FML for you.

For those that think that hopping on the croc train will make you look hip and trendy, remember that in the hearts and minds of most of us fashion plebeians, you still look hopelessly, ironically, embarrassingly lame.

The platform crocs aren’t scheduled to roll out until summer 2018, so there is still some time to reflect on the croc conundrum and decide whether or not the foam slippers can be re-branded. Maybe by then crocs will be officially cool and all of us who just don’t understand high fashion will just have to deal with it. Based on Twitter reactions, I’d say the outlook is dim.

Balenciaga officially announced their Summer 2018 crocs on Twitter on Sunday morning:

And the reactions came rolling in quickly.

The sad fact of the matter is that Balenciaga has spoken: Crocs are cool now. And that means there will be masses of people not just wearing them by next summer, but paying hundreds of dollars (probably, idk) to buy them. Like these people:

Are we being trolled? Are designers just seeing how far we’ll go to be fashionable?

I’m no expert, but I’d say it sure seems like it. We’re all just puppets to these power drunk fashion monarchs. If the platform crocs aren’t enough to convince you, just check out these other weird trends from this September’s fashion weeks around the world.

Like vaginas, vaginas everywhere:

Elf shoes:

And bra purses:



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 Honestly, guys, this is not the worst time to be out of touch with fashion. Maybe it’s time to save your money until fashion makes sense again.

By Nina / Monday 2 October 2017 12:49 / France
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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

I love Crocs, but this is ridiculous. I've still got all my Crocs from 10+ years ago, and I still wear them every day (got several different colors), but this style is too much even for me.