Badges: The Big Comeback

Think you're the FML badge king? That you caught them all? That you don't need to be Captain Barbosa to understand that the gold calls? Think again. The badges are back in business, baby!

Badge is love. Badge is life.

On FML, badge hunting has been going crazy for far longer than egg hunting, believe you me.

Recently, after the data migration, the badge shit hit the fan, to speak crudely. A lot of users were upset about years of hard work gone to waste, and all we could do was reassure people that Fleox was working his butt off to find you a solution. Now, after months of crying and yelling... I mean trial and error...

It's over! The badges are fully functional!

How come? No clue. Ask Fleox and his young "Padawan". In any case, they've succeeded, and the list of badges now works as well on the site as on the apps. But beware, that does not mean that all the badges are available on the apps (for logical reasons). Just like some "historical" badges are no longer available at all. Don't be sad - limited edition badges have to go eventually. That's what makes them so special. ♡

Of course, I only listed the visible badges. The hidden badges are, as the name suggests, hidden. You can find them by random chance, by seeking them out, or by asking someone who has a curiously unfamiliar badge listed on their profile. Unless it's a discontinued badge, such as the chatroom badge. It's impossible to get it now because the chatroom no longer exists. It's that simple. Alan and I may take pity from time to time and give a little hint on our profiles. We'll be like the riddler without the flashy suit and the insanity. For the most part.

And now, for the main event: The List.


 - Beginner: Check out the site!

 - Profile completed: Gimme them deets.

 - It's in the can: Let me take a selfie.

 - A new thumb: Use that thumb. You'll see.

 - 50 quality comments: Join the conversation! ✌︎☮☯ (badge sponsored by Pepsi)

 - Censored: Let's get intimate. Very intimate.

 - Consolation prize: Rejection hurts. Hope this helps.

 - 50 Favorites: No explanation needed here.

 - Tweet tweet: Are you on Twitter? Share the goods!

 - I agree, my mouse works: You agreed. A lot.

 - Perfectionist: Editing is smart. Not available atm, but coming back soon!

 - Socialite: Talk amongst yourselves.

 - Mobility: The FML website isn't the only way...

 - The rules are the rules: The best commenters know the rules.

 - Work is a 4-letter word: Get your FML fix bright and early.

 - I liked to the power of 20: You're connected on Facebook? Share!

 - Picture this FML: You left your mark on an illustration interview.

 - I'm your new creative director: Check out an illustrated FML. Like/dislike? Explain.

 - Happy Ending: What happened next?

 - Keen Reader - Level: Student Ninja: Vote on FMLs. You'll see.

 - I like your style: Aw, they hugged. How cute!

 - The Mixer: You like to live life randomly, and we salute you.

 - What'ch'all looking at?: Ooh you're looking good, girl. Work it!

 - Cheat combo: Time to dust off the old cheat code manual.


 - 100 kick-ass comments: And none were buried! A miracle!

 - I moderated this: You said yes and we agreed. Fabulous taste in anecdotes.

 - Outside your time zone: Dude where's my country?

 - The thumb strikes back: Right on, dude. Two thumbs up.

 - Keen reader – Level: master ninja: You're halfway there. 

 - Going for gold: What more do you want, money?

 - One more and it's business time: It's about to get kinky in here.


 - So, what happened next…: We want the deets!

 - The return of the thumb: Hand cramp!

 - Keen reader – Level: godlike ninja: You voted for everything. Wow.

 - Go play the lottery: 5x6? Bravo!


That's it! Well, as you already know, there are more in each category, but you'll have to find them on your own. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, but please don't bother us with: "OH HEY SO WHAT'S THE COMPLETE LIST OF BADGES?" or "HOW DO I GET THIS ONE?" all the time. It will never work. Especially not in that tone of voice, young lady.

Happy hunting!

Cali ☮


By Cali / Wednesday 26 April 2017 17:31 /
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By  becca9985  |  34

I'm confused. Did you actually fix the vote count badges? I had earned the 15% voted and the 50% voted (and I was about 52% on my way to 100%), but now I don't have any of them. My profile says I'm 1% to 100% voted, 1% to 50% voted, and 3% to 15% voted.