By Anonymous - 25/01/2014 19:11 - United States - Salida

Today, I went back to work after a horrible bout of respiratory illness. After a few hours of using hot tea, cough drops, and tissues to deal with my lingering cough, I found out that my asshole coworker has filed a formal complaint about me disrupting her concentration. FML
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lilmslady 11

cough on her stuff.... bet she'd shut the fuck up then

How disruptive OP! Can't you die any quieter? I kid, I would of been a bit pissed with her.


lilmslady 11

cough on her stuff.... bet she'd shut the fuck up then

If it's too bad just take the day off OP and get some rest.

Then when OPs coworker gets sick file a complaint.

incoherentrmblr 21

Start coughing on her stuff like Elain did. I bet it'll turn out just like the Seinfield episode...

How disruptive OP! Can't you die any quieter? I kid, I would of been a bit pissed with her.

josiemorehouse 12

It's 'would have' not 'would of'. At least use proper grammar. You're trying to say would've, which is a contraction of would and have. 'Would of' just doesn't make sense. And I would've been pissed too. OP's coworker sounds like a total bitch.

go be a grammar nazi somewhere else please and thank you

So do you #45.

josiemorehouse 12

Yes, but I'm a grammatically correct bitch, #49!! :)

I'm glad you're well aware.

My aunt has respiratory issues and she had this exact same issue! When she was told about the complaint she said,"Sorry, I'll just go die in the closet." And then a week later the bitchy coworker got sick. It was great. @45 and/or 50, I don't think I would be proud of being that kind of bitch.

#45 Are you related to the woman that complained on him?

#45 your a bitch. I would of guessed your a bitch. Their is to many bitches like you ;)

Ihavegas 22

*you're *you're *there

I feel like he made those mistakes on purpose to annoy the grammar nazi.

gmc_blossom 21

@50 If there's one thing I find to be more annoying than a sentence using poor grammar, is someone who just has to be "that guy" and correct them. Especially when it's something as minor as the easily made mistake of "would've" versus "would of." Try removing your head out of your ass and practise some common courtesy towards people when they don't have as excellent English abilities as you do. Just grit your teeth and move on if it really bothers you THAT much.

josiemorehouse 12

Well, since I seem to now be the 'lowest of the low' in the FML kingdom, I would like to offer my apologies for pissing off the world with my grammar attack. I do think it's funny and hypocritical that someone can call a person a bitch, stupid, and a million other derogatory names and tell them they deserve to be treated like crap and that is acceptable, but make one correction to someone's grammar and it's the end of the world. Oh well, live and learn.

Calm down #45. The Anal Grammar police is over there.

#83 That's a run on sentence at the end. So much for the master grammarian.

#75 gets it

sohigh10 34

I actually agree with you.. would of is a whole new level of stupidity.. the difference between then and than is understandable, your you're is just lazy, but would of..

Ihavegas 22

infect her

You have gas, look like The Joker, and want to infect someone? Batman stopped you from doing it once, he can stop you again!

Ihavegas 22

ben affleck is the new batman. who's going to stop me now?!

TheElBurrrito 21

File a complaint stating she isn't loud enough. That'll definitely throw them off.

Hopefully your boss is nice and will just push it aside. Karma will nip your coworker in the ass in due time.

That's horrible! Not only do you have to go to work feeling like utter shit, but u have to deal with a complete bitch. Hopefully your boss understands your situation and if not FYL OP. Feel better soon!

JMichael 25

Tell her to kiss the sickest part of your ass.

I'm just imagining her going up to her coworker and saying "Hey bitch, kiss my asshole!" just because you said sickest part. I imagine that would get her sick quickly. My mind takes me to scary places.

That's just rude. Puke on her chair.

File a complaint about her being a cunt

*cough cough* bitch..