ASOS Came Out With A Crop Top For Men... And Guys Are Very Upset, For Some Reason

Fragile masculinity is a hard FML.

UK-based fashion website ASOS did the downright unthinkable. They came out with a crop top for men. 

Now before you hide your loved ones and run away screaming in horror, we have one question for you. Well, for the world really.

Why does it matter?

Many people are appalled at the crop top for men, (or, as some might call it: a crop top.) I guess the thought of just not buying it never crossed anyone's mind, not to mention the whole... gender norms are a patriarchal social construct thing and people should be allowed to wear whatever they please - thing.

Ah well. Here are some of the funny responses to the whole crop top fiasco.


Luckily, ASOS didn't seem too bothered by the whole thing. Their response to the outrage was a perfectly appropriate quote from Queer Eye star, Jonathan Van Ness.

By Nadine / Friday 24 August 2018 18:10 /
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Top comments
By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

This shirt is a crime against fashion.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

This shirt is a crime against fashion.

By  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

"... gender norms are a patriarchal social construct thing"
This FML is about a bad fashion choice. Why this feminist bullshit rhetoric about the non-existing patriarchy has to come up again?

  Nadine  |  21

Well, I wrote the article, so I wrote about what I took from it. The FML is definitely about how bizarre some fashion choices can be, but another FML angle is how fragile masculinity can be and how people can't accept that clothing options like this exist at all for men. My whole point is, why is it so offensive to people? Why does it matter?

  Jeremy Strang  |  7

Gee, I dunno, you think it might have something to do with crop-tops being designed to cover a specific part of anatomy, while this thing just kinda hangs around the neck covering nothing like some kind of ridiculous baby-bib? A crop-top looks like it was designed to be the size it is, while this looks awkwardly shrunken.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

Is that a sports bra?