By FML Approved - 18/10/2017 21:00 - United States - New York

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Nice anti-theft device there.

I think a blowtorch would work in this case.


I think a blowtorch would work in this case.

Nice anti-theft device there.

This happened to me once, but with my gas cap. It’s been a year, and I’m still scared every time I open it up to put gas in.

In Australia, it is actually compulsory to have one fitted there.

Oh... hell no!!!!!

well. time to torch the whole car.

Just get into the car through a different door. You'll have to perform a bit of yoga. Or just use a spider killer.

I don't really see a problem with that, but I like spiders. Tapping on the door either above or below the handle should scare the spider out of there easily enough.

Three words: thick leather gloves.

Those are no match for a leggy fangboy!

Nononononononono please god anything but that oh my lord