And The Nominees For The Best Photoshop Battle Of All Time Are…

The internet is a real Aladdin’s Cave. It's a place to show off your talent, whether it deals with dance, music or in this case, art. When you let amateurs play with photoshop, it could really lead to something funny, especially when the picture they work on turn to be a true work of art. Let’s dig in shall we?

Our friends at Bored Panda made a very complete and funny compilation of the funniest photoshop battles ever!

Here are 15 brilliantly photoshopped pics to give you an idea of what you can do with this magical software. Ready? Drop your wands, Harry Potter’s witchcraft has nothing to do with these works. It’s all about something called "talent"… 

1. Trump drinking water turns to a dementor breathing Harry's happiness!

2. You wish you could have these beautiful curly feathers, right? 

3. Oh my...there's no way I'll ever pole vault again!

4. That little birdy really creeps me out...

5. "Sir? Can I have more?"

6. Peek-a-boo!

7. Voldemort, is that you?!

8. Near, far, wherever you aaaaaaaaare!

9. How much? 

10. He's got the eye of the tiger!

11. Never look the little devil in the eyes... 

12. Come here, Georgie cat.

13. Having a grand ol' time!

14. Fancy an ice-cream? 

15. The best seasoning ever.

Impressed? So are we! Now you have an idea of all the amazing pics you can transform into FMLs thanks to Photoshop! Tell us about your best works in the comment section!

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