AIM is Shutting Down Forever So People Are Sharing Their Hilariously Cringeworthy and Embarrassing Old Screen Names on Twitter

Hearts around the internet are breaking after the impending shut down of AIM was announced on Friday, so in remembrance of the instant messenger that was, for many of us, the gateway drug to the internet, people are sharing their horrifyingly embarrassing screen names of yore. They’re hilarious and sadly, way too relatable.

It’s official: something nobody knew still existed will soon cease to exist and for those of us that grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, it feels like our childhood playground has been razed to the ground.

Aol Instant Messenger, or AIM, announced on Friday that they’ll be shutting down for good on December 15, 2017, and while very few people will be affected (because who actually uses AIM anymore?), millennials are in mourning. For millennials, making a screen name was right of passage into what was undoubtedly the cringiest periods of our lives.

AIM set the stage for all of our awkward phases. From quoting our favorite punk and emo bands in our away messages to making the first move on your crush that you were way too scared to talk to in person, AIM was truly where we learned to behave on the internet. Like any learned behavior, learning to communicate online involved a hefty number of missteps. For example, we had to learn that ~*~ TaLkInG LiKe ThiiS ~*~ orr lykkee thissss was a no-no. But for many, if not all of us, the biggest mistake we made was also our first: choosing a screen name.

All weekend, people have been taking to Twitter to share their embarrassing screen names, like these:

1. For this hopeless romantic, parting with AIM is such sweet sorrow.

2. When I was 7, I was sure I was going to marry Lance Bass. I guess we both got unlucky.

3. 16-year-old you was wrong.

4. I was gonna come up with a better screen name, but then I got high.

5. Ah, to be young and naive.

6. Never forget the stright edge movement.

7. I mean, "zero" is in there so it's not entirely a lie.

8. As much as I love tacos, I've got to admit, that is tragic.

9. Someone was fun at parties!

10. I don't blame you. My heart will go on for Titanic-era Leo and AIM alike.

11. You must have been the foxiest bitch in ten countries.

12. Did you do it for the nookie?

13. A youth as sweet as honey (mustard).

14. Mistakes are how we learn.

15. AIM: the ultimate platform for showing off how emo you were.

16. This is peak 90s.

17. Just kidding, this is peak 90s.

18. Damn it, they just keep topping each other!

19. Of course, you've got to include your eye color.

20. To be fair, 1999 was pretty cool.

21. Where do we go from here, AIM?

22. Your musical taste was diverse.

23. Appropriately, Mr. Cellophane is about as emo as it gets on Broadway.

24. I, too, remember being acutely intrigued by the word "zamboni" as a pre-teen.

25. You could've fooled me.

26. *Hard-cringe*

27. The unspoken rules.

28. AIM is where we first learned that on the internet, you can be whoever you wanna be!

29. Because we were all just as lame as you, Poohole69.

AIM may be signing off for good in December, but before that door shuts for the final time, you can still log in and save whatever convos are still on there. If you can remember your password, that is.

So long, yellow running man. The last 20 years have been real. GTG.

My embarrassing screen name was brwneyedangel17. What was yours? Share in the comments section so we can all laugh at each other! That’s what the internet is for, after all.

By Nina / Monday 9 October 2017 14:16 / France
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Top comments
By  sheeeeet  |  11

I don't know if it counts but waaay back in 2009 when I was 9 my Facebook name was Charli Chaplin ,

By  Kyrstin Budd  |  11

Fantasyfreak104, because I was obsessed with fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, obviously. When my dad tried to talk me out of it, I absolutely insisted that there was no WAY I would regret that username when I was older....

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Ah, memories. That was my very first experience with instant messaging. I still remember the sounds, and how you could change the messenger window background/text colors, fonts, and add the emojis. :D I think my username was xoxSugarAndSpiceOxO or something weird like that.

By  XxNightwingxX  |  21

It was dreameyes818. I thought it was deep and beautiful, especially since my favorite word was (and still is) "dream". I also thought the first 3 numbers of my SSN were 818... I turned out to be wrong, but it's a pretty cool number anyway. l8r n00bz!