By Sophie Spielman / Monday 7 January 2019 10:00 / United States - Kennebunk
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By  404wan  |  11

any extreme sexual kink will fuck with your relationship if not shared. doesn't even need a childhood trauma. apparently his kink was more important to him than a loving relationship, you dont need someone like that.

By  Valenslunara  |  1

On the one hand, it sucks that their kink got in the way of a relationship and that you shared that information with them. On the other hand - just because you told them doesn't mean they're obligated to stay in a relationship with you. Plus, part of their desires are being unmet and while you might have a legitimate reason to fear or dislike it, they still want that and you are unable to provide it. Sounds like it was ended for the best for both parties.

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