After a Stranger Scratched Her Car, A Woman Returns to Find a Note of Apology, $40 and Half a Joint

What’s worse: discovering that someone has scratched your car and not left a note, or finding a note accompanied by less than sufficient amends? Perhaps it depends on the amends... One Colorado woman weighs in after it happened to her.

Mandi Shepard had parked her car in Denver last Sunday and returned to find it had been scratched while she was away. Now, normally, that’s shitty news, but it was difficult for Mandi to dwell on the FML considering the anonymous culprit had left some abnormal gifts for her.

In an interview with NBC, Ms. Shepard said she “was laughing so hard on the way home.”

An unusual reaction, right?

Actually, it was an appropriate reaction considering the culprit, feeling guilty, had left a self-deprecating note of apology, two $20 bills, and half a joint. See for yourself.

“Hey I am very sorry truley (sic). I am such a dumbass. Please forgive me. Sorry 4 the scratch man.”

Ms. Shepard isn’t a smoker, so she doesn’t know what she’ll do with the joint, but she did appreciate the fact that someone took the time to leave all of that for her.

Forty bucks and half a joint isn’t quite enough to cover the damage, but hey, this person clearly felt bad enough to leave her everything they had on them. And for Mandi, that was enough.

After all, it’s the pot that counts!

By Nina / Wednesday 27 September 2017 14:38 /
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