A Strange Medical Condition Is Making A Girl Sleep For Up To One Full Week

A definite FML for her, no matter what some of you students, insomniacs, and parents of newborns might think!

According to LADbible, Hermione Cox-Denning, a student with the nickname 'Sleeping Beauty ' was just diagnosed with a rare medical condition that makes her fall asleep for up to one week at a time. During which she does not get up all-- even for the bathroom, to eat, or even to drink.

The condition is called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, and although Cox-Denning, has been experiencing symptoms for three years, she only recently was disagnosed. 

"It took me a long time to see what was triggering this for me. I knew it wasn't stress and I couldn't see a particular food pattern. I realised that when I drank alcohol, I would often have an episode the next day. I've learned that I can have one or two drinks, but much more than that causes me to plunge into a deep sleep for days afterwards. I'm like the real life Sleeping Beauty."

While some insomniacs or students may joke that this would be a dream come true for them, the condition has affected life greatly. It has been difficult for Cox-Denning to find work or to apply to a university.

"My memory of my first episode is hazy. I just remember waking up for a few minutes throughout the hours and hours of sleep, dreary and confused. My mind was so confused - I couldn't speak, I didn't eat, or drink and I didn't go the toilet. It was like my body shut down. I was always on my phone before, but I didn't speak to anyone for a whole week because I kept sleeping. I think a lot of my friends were worried because I just disappeared."

"I went to see a doctor and they said that it was depression and mental health issues.My dad was saying that this wasn't normal - I wasn't just napping, I was sleeping for full days. I am really social and outgoing, and I wanted to be out with my friends so it was really unexpected. I felt this was something physical."

Cox-Denning, who is from Aberystwyth, Wales, is currently taking a gap year to work on her health.  Good luck, girl. Maybe don't sleep this one off. 

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By  irrelephant1  |  19

This would be horrible and effect every aspect of her life. Man she can't even have children until they find out how to stop it. And of course the medical professional would just slap depression on it and go about his day! I have depression and I will sometimes sleep two maybe three days but I'll sit up for a drink of soda and I will also wake up enough to go pee. But it seems as if docs are always saying everything is because of depression. At least everything that they don't know what it is.