A Small Town Sheriff’s Office Warns Citizens of Cold Weather Conditions With The Greatest Facebook Posts Ever

By Nina / dimanche 21 janvier 2018 10:00
It’s cold in Oconee County, Georgia, but that doesn’t stop some people from attempting to brave the weather. So, in an effort to limit weather-related FMLs, the sheriff's department is reaching out to citizens with some ridiculously funny Facebook posts.

We love when people don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s fun. It’s relatable. That’s why people are going crazy over the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. This small town sheriff’s office has been posting funny statuses for a long time now, but with the cold snap that’s recently hit this part of Georgia, they’ve really been hammering out the facebook gold in an attempt to curve cold weather-related accidents, and honestly, it’s working. Here are some of the posts they’ve put out.

1. Which schools are you referring to again?

2. You've got options.

3. Their social media guy is a taggin fiend.

4. We're getting the feeling Oconee County Sheriffs like the sound of their own name.

5. Oconee County is just closed in general, huh?

6. This is sound reasoning.

7. You can just shut up right now.

8. Not something you see everyday.

9. Your cigarettes are not that important!

10. On the bright side...


12. Short answer: yes.

Folks in Oconee County, maybe you should do yourself a favor and stay home. This guy seems pretty adamant about it.

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