A lost Andy Warhol print worth around $10 million dollars is discovered… in Alice Cooper's storage!

Having spent a large portion of the '70s in rock 'n roll, drugs and booze, Alice Cooper's mind was so FML'd that he'd forgotten having purchased an Andy Warhol print almost 40 years ago. It was thought to be lost. Not anymore.

For our younger members…

Alice Cooper is a rock star, old-school style. He'd specialize in shock-horrow heavy rock, with snakes and blood on stage, and wrote huge hits like "School's Out":

He was a huge presence in rock, glam rock, a great showman, became one of John Lennon's friends… he was a big influence on a lot of musicians, whether musically or for the theatrics involved. Lady Gaga, for example, is Alice Cooper + Madonna.

(Andy Warhol and Alice Cooper in 1974, photo by Bob Gruen)

Andy Warhol an innovative artist, a weird film maker (to get an idea of the sort of person he was, watch him here… eating a burger), a musical director, who "produced" the first album by The Velvet Underground, a band I really love. Here, have this wonderful song, and check out the album's iconic artwork, also by Andy Warhol: 

Where was I going with this?

Ah yes. So: Warhol had created a print of a electric chair, in black and red. It was found recently "rolled up in a tube" in Alice Cooper's storage space. The pair had become friends in 1972, and Cooper had bought the print in the seventies for about $2500, and then went back to the whirlwind of rock, booze and mayhem, totally forgetting about the purchase of the print. We've all been there, one drink too many, a bit of mescaline and then you end up buying a Warhol painting that we stick into storage and forget about. 

An FML for most art collectors, but not that bad for Cooper

The current estimated value of the print, belonging to a series of works under the name "Death and Disaster," is around 10 million dollars. Another piece from the same series was sold for 11,6 million.

(Little Electric Chair by Andy Warhol, photo supplied by Alice Cooper)

It seems that Alice Cooper isn't short of a dollar or two if he can leave a Warhol print lying around for 40 years. Here at FML, if ever we find a quarter on the street, it's party time.

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