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By fml9124 - 1/11/2019 17:12

A dog who can not swim

Today I learned that not all dogs can swim. I was playing fetch with my new girlfriend's bulldog while she sunned herself. I purposely bounced the tennis ball into the pool and the dog happily dove in after it. And sank straight to the bottom. My girlfriend immediately jumped in and saved him and now thinks I'm either cruel or stupid. As God is my witness, I thought all dogs could swim. FML.
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  JackFaire  |  27

Think about how a Bulldog looks though. I mean sure you might with not too much thought say "all dogs can swim" but if you were thinking of throwing a bulldog into the pool wouldn't looking at it give you pause and go "wait how could it swim built like that?"

By  mfranks19891989  |  10

You should have checked with your girlfriend first because 1 he can’t swim and 2 she might not want him to get wet. Wet dog doesn’t smell good.
Not all dogs can swim just like people.

By  JackFaire  |  27

So we're going with stupid then? What made you think looking at a bulldog that it could swim? I've seen penguins I don't have to know they're flightless birds to be able to tell that clearly they can't fly. It's excusable to say, "all birds can fly" "all dogs can swim" but when you see ones that clearly don't have the mechanics to do so and still think they can then you've entered the stupid zone.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

The thing is there are videos on Youtube of Bulldogs swimming. Some with life jackets, a couple without, but still bottom line, there are videos of swimming bulldogs. So the OP has zero reason to look at a bulldog and think that it doesn't have the mechanics to be able to swim. That said, the OP should have checked about the dogs swimming skills, whether or not the dogs owner wanted them to get wet/covered in chlorine, and whether or not anyone was ok with the idea of the dog being in the pool in general. Tons of reasons to not be as stupid as the OP was, none of them having anything to do with looking at the dog in question and assuming it is incapable of swimming.